How To Join

Membership can be through either direct or collateral family lines. Kinship to a veteran must be documented. The minimum age for membership is 12.

Membership information is located at under AboutJoin the SCV or go directly to the application form:

Please print and fill in an: SCV Application, Applicant Bio, and Lineage Work Sheet which is to be filled out with dates, if known, of birth, death, marriage. One needs only fill out the line going to one’s ancestor. Mail three copies of the application with your Bio and Work Sheet with your proof of your ancestor’s service along with a $60.00 check made out to “R.E. Lee Camp No. 726″ to:

Thomas Vaughan

Adjutant, R.E. Lee Camp # 726

5826 Banning Place

Burke, VA 22015

His contact information is: phone: 571 332-5754 email:

Note:  The application fee of $60 includes $35 that the Camp will forward to the National organization, $10 that the Camp will forward to the Virginia Division, and $15 for Camp dues.

Upon acceptance, you will be inducted at a dinner meeting and will receive a handsome membership certificate and lapel pin.

As a member, you will receive the Confederate Veteran magazine, and be able to participate in camp, division and national functions, wear SCV insignia items and have assurance that you are supporting and honoring our Confederate Veterans and the cause for which they so nobly stood.

We look forward to welcoming you into the camp and appreciate you interest in the SCV. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Military Order of Stars and Bars

If you can document descent, collateral or direct, from a Confederate military officer or civil official, you also may be eligible to join the Military Order of Stars and Bars (MOS&B), Samuel Cooper Chapter.

Application procedures and dues are similar to the SCV, but documentation is required at each step to you ancestor. Three copies of the application and supporting documentation are required to be submitted.

Please contact David Stringfellow, email:, ph: 703-250-8705, or visit the MOS&B website at: