Camp Authors

R.E. Lee Camp No. 726 Authors:

Lee Camp members are active and engaged. The members listed below have published books, music or other works about the Confederacy or related topics:

ABELL, Hon. Richard Bender
BALES, Richard
GLASGOW, Jr. (Ret.) COL William
HENRY, Robert Selph
HOLIEN, Kim Bernard
LONDON, Dr. J. Phillip “Jack” – Chairman of the Board of CACI International
MILLER, T. Michael
MITCHELL, Lt. Col. Joseph B.
PURDUE, Howell
SELL, Carl
WARD Esq., Nicholas D.

Books by Richard Bender ABELL:
1. Sojourns of a Patriot, (1998) authored with Fay Adams Gecik 
2. Peter Smith of Westmoreland County, Virginia (died 1741) and Some of his Descendants (1996) authored with Wilmer Lane Smith

Musical Compositions by Richard BALES:
1. The Confederacy
2. The Republic
3. The Revolution

Books/Articles/Plays by Douglas BATSON: 
1.  Registering the Human Terrain: a Valuation of Cadastre, National Defense Intelligence College Press, August 15, 2008
2.  Napoleonic Know-how for Stability Operations, Routledge, October 1, 2010
3.  Snow Leopards and Cadastres: Rare Sightings in Afghanistan, Earthscan, December 9, 2010
4.  Reconstructing Post-conflict Human Landscapes, Springer, March 29, 2011
5.  Shattered Dreams, Copyright 2009, April 1, 2009 – a full length play
6.  The Immanuel Agenda, Copyright 2010, January 15, 2010 – a full length play
7.  “Napoleonic Know-How” in an Age of Persistent Engagement, Small Wars Journal, February 28, 2011, Authors: Doug Batson, Al Di Leonardo and Christopher K. Tucker
8.  Citizen-Soldier-Expatriates in America’s Tank Division, Armor Magazine, March 31, 2011, Authors: Doug Batson, Barry Robinson, Barry Robinson

Book by David BRIDGES (
1. The Bridges of Washington County: Spanning Work and Nature, 2003
2. Fighting With JEB Stuart: Major James Breathed and the Confederate Horse Artillery, 2006
3. The Best Coal Company In All Chicago, And How It Got That Way, 2003

Book by Gregg EANES:
1. “Black Day of the Army, April 6,1865, The Battles of Sailor’s Creek”

Books and Articles by LTC William FORBES:
1. Haulill Brass (1993)
2. An Ancestry Notebook (1997) 57 pp, n.p. Traces author’s ancestral lineage from 1684 to present together with principal related families.
The Washington Times feature articles:
Eerie Similarities Between Gettysburg and Crimean Charges,” 27 June 1998.
– “For Two Generals, Bible as Mighty as the Sword,” 21 August 1999.
– “Cousins’ Tales Reveal Family Divided,” 22 November 2003.
– Book review / Gen. Kilpatrick, IS Apr 2000.
Articles in the Confederate Veteran:
– “Arms for the Trans-Mississippi,” 1988.
– “Gen. Forrest and the Hawg,” 1990
– “Old Bronze Gentleman of Lovejoy’s Station,” 1989.
– “The Charges That Failed,” 1998.
– “Jackson and Wingate,” 2000.
Article in The Gun Report
– “Dr. Paulding Redux,” 2001.

Book by Col. William GLASGOW Jr:
1. “Northern Virginia’s Own, The 17th Virginia Infantry Regiment, Confederate States Army (1989)”

Books by Robert HENRY:
1. The Story of the Mexican War, (1950) and others
2. The Story of the Confederacy
3. Trains
4. The Story of Reconstruction
5. This Fascinating Railroad Business
6. “First With the Most” Forrest (1944)

Book by Kim HOLIEN:
1. “Battle at Ball’s Bluff” (1985)

Book by Ben JONES:
1. A Susquehanna Soldier

Books by Don HAKENSON (
1. “Mosby Vignette, Volume I.” Co-authored with Gregg Dudding
2. “Mosby Vignette, Volume II.” Co-authored with Gregg Dudding 3. “This Forgotten Land, A Tour of Civil War Sites and Other Historical Landmarks South of Alexandria, Virginia.”
4. “This Forgotten Land, Volume II, Biographical Sketches of Confederate Veterans Buried in Alexandria, Virginia.”
5. “Reminiscences of Frank H. Rahm of Mosby’s Command & An Analysis of Ranger John H. Lunceford, Traitor or Coward or Unjustly Accused!”

Books by MG George KUNDAHL:
1. “Confederate Engineer: Training and Campaigning With John Morris Wampler (2001)”
2. “Alexandria Goes to War” (2004)
3. “The Bravest of the Brave:  The Correspondence of Stephen Dodson Ramseur”


Books by Dr. J. Phillip “Jack” LONDON (

1. America The Beautiful, A Family History (1977)   

2. Our Good Name (Washington, DC:Regnery, 2008)

3. Character: the Ultimate Success Factor, (2013).


Book by T. Michael MILLER:
1. Artisans and Merchants of Alexandria, Virginia 1780-1820 (2vols. 1992).

Books by Lt. Col. Joseph B. MITCHELL:
1. Decisive Battles of the Civil War, (1955)
2. Decisive Battles of the American Revolution, (1962)
3. Discipline and Bayonets, (1967)
4. The Badge of Gallantry, (1968)
5. Twenty Decisive Battles of the World

Book by Howell and Elizabeth PURDUE:
1. Pat Cleburne Confederate General, (1973, 2nd ed. 1977)

Books by Martin N. SCHALLER:
1. “The Civil War Letters of Colonel Frank Schaller, 22nd Mississippi Infantry”
2. “Soldiering for Glory”

Books by Carl SELL:
1. “Thank God He Survived Pickett’s Charge” (his Great grandfather’s four years in the Civil War).
2. “Who Were Those Other Heroes With Armistead at the Guns” (his Great uncle and others who survived the final push at Gettysburg).

Article by RADM Robert H. SPIRO:
1. “Life and Death Aboard A Tin Can,” The Times April 6, 2005, p. 17

Books by Ed TREXLER:
1. “Descendants of Conquest, Families of the James River Valley, Virginia
2. “Endowed By the Creator, Families of Fairfax Court House, Virginia
3. “Civil War Fairfax Court House
4. “History at Downtown Fairfax, Earp’s Corner, a Walking Tour
5. “Civil War Northern Neck
6. “Capt. John Quincy Marr, Warrenton Rifles, First Confederate Officer Killed
7. “Early African-Americans, Families of Fairfax Court House, Origins

Books by Nicholas D. WARD:
1. Wills, Trusts & Estates” (4th Ed) coauthored with Virginia McArthur and August Zinsser
2. “Reflections on the Finding of the Monitor,” MOLL US Journal, (1973,4)