We Need You – Please sign up and help further the cause

You are the future of the camp and we need you. If you’ve read the article in the June General Orders on the 2013 National Memorial Day Parade you know that the R.E. Lee Camp had the pleasure and honor of joining with fellow groups from the SCV, Living Historians portraying Leaders, Soldiers, and Ladies of the Old South to create an extremely impressive presence in the National Memorial Day Parade.  Our contingents included equestrians, musicians, color guards, portrayals of the high officers and foot soldiers of the Confederacy and a horse drawn carriage carrying ladies in costume portraying southern womanhood.  As this event was broadcast live on national TV, our message of Southern Heritage and Honor was presented to thousands across the Nation as we stayed in front of the reviewing stand during the moment of silence, Taps, the flyover, and the singing of Amazing Grace.

I want to thank our camp/chapter members and the members of the participating groups listed in the article, who worked with us to send our message to the public.  Thank you all for your commitment and participation at this event in this second year of the Sesquicentennial of the War Between The States. We honored our Veterans and all American Veterans.  For a moment in time, the streets of the Capital belonged to us.  Congratulations!!

I urge all camp members to participate in our public events as we do not want to become a camp that basically meets, greets, and eats.  We are offered truly unique opportunities to display the Battle Flag in public.  The day we cannot muster enough participants to take this opportunity and use it to the fullest will be the day our history is consigned to the dark corners of museums and will cease to be a living heritage.  Join us as we experience the cheers and salutes of the public when they see the Battle Flag.  Share the feeling of having done your duty to honor your ancestor(s) before the public as the Camp and Color Guard need new recruits.  If you are interested in joining us, volunteering to help us, or desire to become a camp officer please let me know.

Deo Vindice,
Jim Becker
Camp Commander